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PIXEL MULTIMEDIA established in the year 2018 and successfully completed its 3 years of journey productively. We work despartely over every Individual student to gain in-depth knowledge about VFX (Visual Effect), GRAPHIC DESIGN, VIDEO EDITING and much more....

We have the best experienced faculty to bring up students to their professional level from the very scratch.

PIXEL MULTIMEDIA Courses will be delivered to online as well as offline learning to bring you the same experienced and same climate that of classroom teaching skill at your home for your Valuable and essential time.

What we do?

We Conducting Career Oriented Course in Visual Effect, Graphic Design, Video Editing to improve your skill and career to impact get good job in Multinational Company



VFX combine live action video with animation to create visuals that are part-effect the most popular method of doing this is through computer generated imaganary couple with Green or Blue screen.everything from motion picture in the background of a newscast or superhero flying around the result of VFX.


Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, and illustration.

The field is considered a subset of visual communication and ommunication design but sometimes the term "graphic design" is used synonymously. Graphic designers create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages.


A video editor is involved in video production and the post production of film making.

The video editor responsibilites involve decision about the selection and combining of shots into sequence as well as the addition ultimatn of accompanying sound effect and music to ultimatelt create a finished movie,television program,commercial,promos or snipe video editors.



Student Showreel and works in VFX and Graphic design

Our Courses

Pixel Multimedia, is the global media and entertainment training institute provide career oriental courses to building him/ her creative career. Start your interested course with online learning from the expert faculty.


Certified Course In Advance VFX Compositing

This Course covers basic to advance level of VFX Compositing, Keying, Roto, Paint and Matte painting and many more and provide necessary skills and technique required for student to kick start his/her career in VFX Industry.

Certified Course In VFX Roto & Paint

In this Course covers the advance technique of Roto & paint such as Tracking, Motion blur, Clean plate, Squence paint and many more and current industrial quality skills required to be a successful Roto and Paint Artist.

Certified Course In Graphic Design

This Course covers the principles and element of design to create various designs such as Branding, Maketing and Advertising, and many more. and also covers the color schemes and typography for improve your designs as well.

Certified Course In Premiere Pro

In this course covers everthing about cinematic video editing and also covers basic editing, professional color correction, effective, and much more. This couse is the best way to become a professional in video editing.

Our Team

Our Professional team are dedicating time to build and introduce the best young and talented artists to the industry.

Yogesh Jugdar

Director of Pixel Multimedia and
VFX Artist

Siddhesh Lad

Co-ordinator of E-learning Website
VFX Artist


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